Hi, my name is Theresa Saunders and I am the founder and owner of WalkBedford.

I started Nordic Walking in 2011 after a slipped disc. The poles helped support my back, enabling me to get back to full mobility again.

I trained to be an instructor after finding that using poles whilst walking, helped me greatly. Nordic Walking is the long-term answer to many joint problems, and I trained as I wanted to spread the word to all those that could benefit from it.

Many of my clients have been helped to walk further, faster and for longer, by adding poles to their walk, turning walking into a workout for some and others the poles have added a lifeline as it has helped them get back on their feet again after skeletal problems.

Using Nordic Walking poles engages the muscles of the upper body, so the workload of walking is shared between the upper and lower body, which not only makes walking more efficient, but also strengthens the extremely important, upper body muscles, which tend to be ignored during a “normal” walk.

If you want to learn Nordic Walking the Bedford Borough Council run regular courses under the new name of Active Adults. Courses run Feb, May and September for 8 weeks. The course is designed for beginners and is priced at £35.

Also The Lifestyle Hub may refer you for Nordic walking. If so drop me an email at info@walkbedford.com